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      Last Week's Poll Question

      Question:  When a batter bats out of order...


      A. It is an appeal play. 6%  CORRECT.

      B. If detected while the incorrect batter is at bat, the correct batter assumes the count and all plays made will stand. 9% CORRECT

      C. If detected AFTER the incorrect batter completes their turn at bat and before the next pitch, the improper batter's at bat is negated and the batter who should have been up is out. 21% CORRECT

      D. If detected AFTER the incorrect batter's at bat, all base running advances and scoring still counts. 6%


      E. If detected after the first pitch to the next batter AFTER the incorrect batter, both batters are considered incorrect batters and both are out. 3%


      F. All of the above 18%

      G. A, B, and C are correct 38% 

      applicable to both softball and baseball

      This Week's Poll


      Welcome to the home of the Northeast Hurricanes.  This program provides elite athletes an outstanding baseball/softball experience. In creating opportunities to play at an elite level of competition with the most professional coaching available, teams develop both a strategic and tactical understanding of the game.  

      We have both baseball and softball teams out of all three Play Ball facilities:  Salem, Nashua, and Salisbury.  To speak to someone about our program, call 603-898-0332 or email Come be a part of the Hurricane tradition.  

      Cornerstones of the Northeast Hurricane Program

      Professional Instruction

      ​​Our professional coaching and instructional staffs are second to none.  We have a cadre of current and former professional baseball players, current and former college baseball and softball coaches, current and former college baseball and softball players, and a multitude of years of coaching experience in both the baseball and softball programs. Experience both on the field and in the coaching box set our staffs apart from all other programs. 

      Year-Round Training

      ​Our training program pursues excellence by focusing on player development from the ground up. We drive perpetual improvement of all basic baseball and softball skills by providing continuous feedback for every repetition at every practice, scrimmage, and competition.  We provide an early fall program, a late fall specialized training program, twice-weekly off-season practices, and early spring scrimmages, all in preparation for improved performance on the field. 

      Honoring the Game

      We teach the game through the lenses of sportsmanship, effort, and respect. We expect our Hurricane players, coaches, and families to respect the team, each other, opponents, and officials.  We expect our players to work hard at all times and commit to their own improvement.  And we expect anyone wearing or supporting someone in a Hurricane uniform to behave in a way that is consistent with outstanding sportsmanship.  

      Click on any of these logos below to learn more about our training program and professional staff.

      Player Profile Registration

      Click here to submit information for your recruiting profile.

      Anatomy of a Home Run by Henry Hebert, 9U Baseball

      Get all your baseball and softball gear at your local Play Ball Pro Shop.  If they don't have it in stock, they can order it for you.

      If you prefer to shop in your slippers for a wider range of sport items, visit to place an order from anywhere in the nation.